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12.12.2015 – This Summer’s Algonquin Park Trip

December 12, 2015 Leave a comment

I am definitely a little late getting these photos up on this blog. But, as the proverbial ‘they’ say, better late than never, right? This past August my daughter, her best friend, and her best friend’s dad, and I took our annual ‘pilgrimage’ to Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada. It’s always a highlight of the summer and I don’t think the season would feel right without getting up there at least once! For the first time we went to the very northern most part of the part and put-in on Kiosk Lake. We stayed our first night there on a really nice island site. The weather was spectacular the first day. The second day we paddled south over several portages and lakes and stayed two nights on Club Lake at the site of the abandoned Ritchie Brother’s Lumber Mill. The remnants of the camp and the equipment were to be found all over the campsite. It was very cool to explore. The weather wasn’t great the rest of the trip, so I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but there are a handful! Here is what we saw while we were there…

08.26.2011 – Canoeing Adventures in Canada

August 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Last week I got to travel to one of my favorite places in the world: Algonquin Provincial Park in Northern Ontario, Canada. The place is simply amazing. This was my third trip up north and, once again, it was nothing short of spectacular. Except for a couple of thunderstorms overnight on Wednesday, the weather was absolutely beautiful: Sunny and mid 70s during the day, and cool and mid 50s in the evening. Perfect for canoeing and camping in the wilderness!

We were lucky to get to experience some fantastic sunrises…

And some incredible sunsets…

The moon was so bright most nights, that we barely needed flashlights to get around our campsites after dark…

Not to mention the stunning beauty that is Algonquin park during the day…

There was not a tremendous amount of wildlife to be found this year. Frogs, toads, and a huge variety of birds were the majority of what we found. But we did find this little guy, and we instantly liked him since he is sporting his Steeler’s Black ‘N Gold! :)…

We in this area of the world are very used to seeing white-tailed deer. However, in Algonquin they are very rare. We spotted these guys from about a mile away on the lake while we were canoeing. The babies were have an awesome time splashing around in the water and running all over. We snuck up as slowly and quietly as we could to avoid spooking them, and I was able to get a few shots off before they bounded off into the woods…

As always, the trip to Algonquin was amazing. It’s very therapeutic to get away from the craziness of every day life for a while and just soak in some of Mother Natures handiwork. Next year we are planning a trip with our daughters. It will be their first time there, and I’m super stoked to share this place with them

Oh yeah, and here’s me…soaking up some good Canadian sunshine! 🙂

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07.31.2011 – Our Florida Vacation Highlights

July 31, 2011 1 comment

Well, it’s taken me nearly a month, but I’ve finally found the time to sit down and start going through the photos from our trip to Florida. We had such a great time (seems like a million years ago already), and of course, most of the time I had my camera in tote! 🙂 I snapped over 400 images (most of which are just snap shots), but below are some of my favorites from the nature/fine art category!

I think my favorite part of the whole trip was feeding the giraffes at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay:

I think my daughter’s favorite part was the dolphins at Sea World in Orlando:

There were so many awesome birds all over the area, these were a few of my favorites:

This one was shot through glass, so I had to deal with some reflections in post-processing. I think it turned out pretty decent considering:

And here are some random images from the rest of the trip: