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A Special Tree – 07.03.2011

July 3, 2011 4 comments

I definitely have an affinity for shooting cool looking trees. Especially ones that seem to stand alone in the middle of open land. Something about them appeals to my senses.

This tree, however, has a somewhat more interesting story. We were at North Park in Pittsburgh for a horse show a few weeks ago and early in the day I saw this tree and decided that when we had time later, I would take some photos of it. When the time came, and I took a closer look at this tree something somewhat odd showed itself. The tree was, at one time, some variety of apple tree. However, when I got up close to it (thankfully not TOO close), I found that it had been nearly completely overtaken by poison ivy. Every leaf that you see in this image is poison ivy. The main vine running up the tree was HUGE. It was no wonder then that the park maintenance crews have left the grass growing long underneath it! 🙂

Regardless of its obvious danger, it still made for a beautiful scene, and I’m always glad when an image also has a story behind it!